Helping your feet to survive summer

Forget thongs!

Don’t be tempted to wear thongs or flimsy sandals all through the summer. They don’t provide support for your feet and can give you arch and heel pain if you wear them for too long.

Change socks daily
If you have to wear socks in hot weather, change them once a day and choose ones that contain at least 70% cotton or wool to keep your feet dry and stop them getting smelly.

Remove hard heel skin
Hard, cracked skin around the heels is very common in summer, often caused by open-back sandals and thongs rubbing around the edge of the heel. Our podiatrists will clean up your dry feet & have them summer smooth in no time.

Banish blisters
Prevent summer blisters by stretching out sandals. Wear them with socks and walk around indoors to loosen them up, or use foot balm to protect your skin from chaffing.

If you do get a blister, don’t pop it. Cover it in a plaster and visit us to have it cleaned up correctly.

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